How It Works

MLS for only $499? How does it work?

We list your property on the Northern Kentucky MLS (Multiple Listing Service) This is the same MLS only available to licensed REALTORS® in the Northern Kentucky market.  Your listing also appears on, and many other real estate websites and your home is made available to a world market.

How does my MLS listing get posted on

The MLS data automatically is sent to as a result of your MLS listing. sends your listing information out to many real estate websites and your home is available to a world market.

What are your listing fees?

You pay $499 at the time of the listing to 499 MLS Realty. When your home sells you pay a $999 Closing Fee to 499 MLS Realty.

What do I get for the $999 Closing Fee?

Your 499 MLS Realtor works with you to negotiate any and all “Offers to Purchase” on your home. We advise you on the strength of the offer as it relates to the sale price, buyer financing and other terms of the offer (including all counter offers, addendums and required paperwork) to get you home under contract. When under contract your 499 MLS Realtor will continue to work with you through the inspection phase of the contract, work with lenders, appraisers, title agencies, etc. to help assure a smooth closing.

How much do I have to pay the buyer’s Realtor?

In your MLS listing agreement you decide the commission to offer the buyer’s agent. 499 MLS Realty will list your home in the MLS if you are offering the buyer’s agent a 2%, 2 1/2% or 3% Commission. The buyers agent commission is required to be listed in the MLS for all agents to see. In real estate terms, the buyer’s agent fee is referred to as the “Co-op” fee and is only paid when your home sells.

What happens if my 499 MLS Realty Realtor brings the buyer?

The 499 MLS Realty Realtor would be compensated the buyers agent fee that you offered and was listed in the MLS.

How are showings handled?

When an agent wants to see your home they will contact our appointment center. The appointment center confirms they are a licensed agent and asks for the requested date/time of the showing. The appointment center contacts you via text, phone, or email and you approve or deny the request. Once approved, the agent is given the access code to the lockbox and will show your home. There will never be a buyer in your home without an agent.

If a buyer contacts you directly and doesn’t have an agent, you will show them your home.

Will I get feedback from a showing?

After every showing we send the buyers agent up to 3 email requests to provide feedback. If they provide it, we will forward it on to you.

How much can I SAVE vs. a traditional 6% listing?

Compared to a traditional 6% listing, a $200,000 home will save $4,502 (offering the buyer’s agent a 3% commission). Use the slider below to calculate your savings.

Savings Calculator
Sale Price
Savings Compared to a 6% Commission

How long is my listing on the MLS?

Your listing agreement is between 3-12 months, you decide. You may cancel your listing at any time.

Who takes care of all the paperwork?

Your 499 MLS Realtor will visit your home and take care of all required forms to get you listed in the MLS.

Who provides photography of my home?

Your 499 MLS Realtor will provide photography of your home at the time of the listing. We will place up to 30 full color photographs on the MLS. You may change photos at anytime for no additional charge.

How does a buyer contact me directly?

Many home buyers find properties on the MLS and often do a property drive-by before contacting a Realtor to schedule a showing. 499 MLS Realty provides an attractive yard sign and you have the option to have your telephone number as the only number on the sign. You will be responsible for having the sign insert(rider) with your number made. If the buyer is not working with a Realtor and contacts you directly there is no buyers agent fee. If you prefer, 499 MLS Realty will use our telephone number on the sign and handle all property enquiries.

What happens when a buyer wants to purchase my home that is not represented by a REALTOR?

Your 499 MLS Realtor will take care of the paperwork and still represent you in the process. This is part of our ‘Contract through Closing” service. In this scenario, you would save the co-op fee and only owe the “Closing Service Fee” of $999.00.

Can I cancel my MLS Listing?

Yes, you may cancel at anytime.

Are you licensed real estate professionals?

YES – Any agent associated with 499 MLS Realty will be a professional, licensed Realtor.

Do you advertise my home?

YES! Your home is exposed to a world market on the MLS at , and over 80 different real estate web sites that receive a direct feed from

Do you host open houses?

No, we don’t host open houses but we will advertise it on the MLS if you would like to host it yourself. If you find a buyer that’s not represented by an agent you won’t have to pay the buyers agent fee!

List your home with $499 MLS Realty™ today!